Ultralight AG

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    Ultralight AG

    Gewerbeweg 29


    +423 373 5656

    We develop and produce most suitable UV lamps and components for UV curing applications in various industries. Printing Industry Offset and dry offset printing Silkscreen printing Flexographic printing Tampon/pad printing Letter press printing Ink-jet printing Packaging and Labeling Industry Label printing Mandrel printing Tampon/pad printing Optical Storage Industry CD/DVD production Electronic Industry Printed circuit board production Film exposure (microfi lms, Diazo fi lms, heliography) Wafer exposure Furniture and Woodworking Industry Curing of varnishes, coatings and adhesives on Wood Metal Glass Ceramic Plastic and many other materials Power Ratings of UV Curing Lamps 80-600 W/cm (200-1500 W/inch) Other ratings on request Advantages of UV Lamps made by Ultralight Certified production process according to ISO-9001 standard Selection of high quality and high purity raw materials In-house production of electrodes and high power lamps in cleanroom environment Optimized selfcleaning cycle for outstanding lifetime of UV lamps up to several thousand hours; Long Life(LL) and Very Long Life (VL) versions of high power lamps available Wide range of power ratings and modified spectral outputs according to customer specifications Quality assurance throughout all steps of the production cycle; multiple testing of lamps prior to dispatch Fast delivery time and high flexibility for customer demands More than 30 years of experience in the field of UV technology Program: Ultralight produces lamps for all types of installations usually found in the market UV Lamps for Special Applications Ultralight produces long-lasting speciality lamps with pronounced spectral output tailored to customer defined requirements. Typical UV lamps for special applications include Gallium doped lamps for the woodworking industry Gallium/Indium doped lamps for the woodworking industry and special printing applications (e.g., Diazo film exposure, microfilm exposure) Iron doped lamps for the printing industry Other lamps with special spectral output available on demand All UV lamps from Ultralight are available as ozone-free versions for use in environments where ozone generation is undesired Power Supplies and Components for reliable UV Lamp Operation Conventional power supplies (ignitors, chokes, transformers and power switches) Electronic power supplies (all-in-one) Stepless power controls for conventional power supplies (suitable for retrofitting) Monitoring measurement and control systems for constant UV output UV Measuring Devices Measuring devices to provide quality assurance of UV drying processes Control of the UV dose and thus increase of process security, service life and productivity



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